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Busiest Airports In The World

Busiest airports in the world


Air travel is undoubtedly one of most convenient means of transportation; and with the construction of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the busiest airports in the world have become nothing short of an exhibit with its sparkling terminals and modern amenities. Let us have a look at the top 10 list of busiest airports in the world:

Please see chart below by CNN:

Busiest Airports


1.      Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – United States of America

This airport has retained its position at the top of the list of busiest airports since the year 1998. Located 10 miles south of downtown Atlanta, it has been named in the honour of Maynard Jackson, an ex-mayor. Over 250,000 passengers commute on a daily basis on the 2500 flights that mark its arrival and departure from this airport. The total layout of this airport is about 6,800,000 sq. ft. Very few people are aware of this fact that this site was previously the site of an auto racetrack.

Busiest airports in the world



2.      Beijing Capital International Airport, China

This airport is known to rank second in the list of busiest airport in the world and tops the list of busiest airports in the Asian continent. It is located in the Chaoyang district, which is 32 kilometres northeast of Beijing’s city centre. It has three terminals, of which the third terminal opened its doors to the public in 2008 during the Olympic Games. Around 81,929,359 passengers commuted through this airport alone in 2012. Transportation is easy too. More than nine shuttle buses connect this airport to the various locations across the city.

Busiest airports in the world



3.      London Heathrow Airport, UK

This is again a prime international airport located in West London, 22 kilometres from the city centre. This airport opened its doors to the commuters as early as in 1929. It now serves more than 90 airlines that fly to around 170 terminuses all across the globe. This airport is also well-known for a varied range of facilities for children, disabled, and business travellers. Transport is convenient too. There are plenty of buses, coaches, and taxis to help you commute to different parts of the city. There are five terminals, of which four terminals are used by the passengers and one is used for cargo.

Busiest airports in the world



4.      Tokyo International Airport, Japan

This airport is popularly known as the Haneda Airport. It is situated in Ota in Tokyo, which is 14 kilometres to the south of the capital city of Japan. It first opened its doors in the year 1931 and in 2012, the total passenger transition at this airport was recorded at 66,795,178, thereby making it rank as the second busiest airport in the Asian continent and the fourth in the world. Furthermore, this airport has been recognized by the ForbesTravelers as one among the most punctual airports in the globe. Almost all domestic flights ferrying to and from Tokyo are handled by this airport, but following the inception of the dedicated international airport, it now caters to international airlines as well.

Busiest airports in the world



5.      O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

This airport is situated to the northwest part of Chicago in Illinois, USA. Until 2008, it topped the list of the busiest airports across the globe, but now ranks fifth in the list. It is known to have the strongest international repute with a wide range of flights linking to more than 60 countries across the world. It is known to be the least punctual airports in USA due to the large volume of passengers and flights it handles on a regular basis. It has also been featured in several movies, songs, and television shows.

Busiest airports in the world

6.      Los Angeles International Airport, USA

This is yet another airport in the USA which ranks sixth in the list of the busiest airports in the world. It is sited in the south cost of California. Though it is situated 15 kilometres from the city centre, it is well connected by bus and rail services. This airport has eight terminals, which are home to many exclusive brand outlets. In the year 2012, it registered a whopping total of 63 million passengers.

Busiest airports in the world



7.      Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

It is popularly known as the Roissy Airport and is the largest air travel hub in France. It is named in the honour of the French leader, Charles de Gaulle. It is sited 25 kilometres northeast of Paris. It is well connected by rail and road connections. It is in fact the first airport in the world to have been connected through a railway service.Busiest airports in the world


8.      Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA

It is situated in the Texas state of USA. It is the second largest in USA in terms of land area measuring a total of 17,207 acres. The Air Cargo World has ranked it as the best cargo airport in the world. The airport is well connected by taxi and bus services. There are five terminals in this airport and the passenger capacity till 2012 was 58 million.

Busiest airports in the world


9.      Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Indonesia

It is located in Tangerang, Banten in Indonesia. This airport is named in the honour of the first president and the first vice-president of the nation, Soekarno and Hatta. It opened its doors to the public in 1985. The Forbes Traveller has bestowed this airport the honour of being the sixth most punctual airport in the world. There are three terminals within the airport and it is also one of the fastest growing airports in the world.

Busiest airports in the world


10.  Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

It is the most popular airline hub in the Middle East and is positioned in the tenth rank in the list of the busiest airports in the world. There are three terminals in this airport and each of them claims to have a capacity of 75 million travellers each year. It opened its doors to the passengers in 1960 and has been ranked as the Best Airport in the Middle East for a consecutive span of four years. The first and the third terminal caters to international travellers and that accounts for almost 90% of total visitors on an annual basis. The airport is very well connected to the city by means of varied transportation services.

Busiest airports in the world



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